LibreOffice GSoC Week 4 Report

Some adjustments

Finally, the patch I worked on is merged thanks to my mentors(Muhammet Kara & Heiko Tietze). You can easily access the patch, from here

Last Week

  • I marked this feature as an experimental feature.
  • Hamburger button(gear button) is added.
  • Some arrangements have been made for translation in UI elements.
  • There was an error with iOS and Android build. But this problem is solved thanks to Tor Lillqvist and Miklos Vajna.
  • There is a bug with Customize Dialog. Although the Additions Dialog is marked as an experimental feature, it is shown in the list. I will report it as soon as possible.
  • Thanks to Christian Lohmaier will be active this week. I’m so grateful for his efforts.

This week, I will join the Design Team meeting. I will tell them the progress in the dialogue and get feedback.

Phase 2 TODO

  • Normally, API-Dialog connection is Phase 2 job but I finished it.
  • Instead of connection, I will implement install/uninstall functions in Phase 2.
  • View settings(condensed or detailed)
  • Some improvements about performance(thread structure)
  • Some UI improvements (rating level image, dialog icon, UI placement of the items)

See also

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