LibreOffice GSoC Week 5 Report

Thread Implementation

Hello, Last week I finished this academic year. Finally, I don’t have any exam that I have to study. So, I can spare more time to my project.

Unfortunately, I just sent a little patch. For now, this patch has some parts that need to be fixed. I will finish the solving problems on this patch.

Last Week

  • As I said above, I added a new class to use threads.
  • I added a label to show progress of operations such as loading, searching, or not found.
  • Added cache system to prevent unnecessary data transfers.
  • I’ve attended to Design Meeting. Many valuable opinions came from the design team. I will work on them.

This Week TODO

  • Fix bugs on new thread classes.
  • Add hamburger menu to button
  • Add page links to show current page number and navigate on them.

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