LibreOffice GSoC Week 10 Report

Crash Fix


I want to share with you the progress of this week.

Last Week:

  • I implemented an ExtensionManager object to establish connection between Additions and Extensions dialog. With this object, I got all installed extensions and disabled their install buttons on the Additions list. Patch
  • Finally, I fixed the crash. The crash was related to the use of smart pointers. I was storing UI components in a vector. But now, the shared:ptr of components are stored in the vector. Therefore, the UI components are not destructed until no pointer holding that objects remain. Patch
  • Also, there are two crash problems. One of them is on macOS, the other one is on Windows. The reason of this crash is using GtkSearchEntry. I removed it and add an GtkEntry instead of it. patch

Thanks to Muhammet Kara, Heiko Tietze, Jan-Marek Glogowski and LibreOffice community.

This Week TODO:

  • Install/remove function
  • Writing documentation
  • Sort(maybe)

Next Week TODO:

  • UI bugs which are listed on Bugzilla Meta
  • Possible bugs (and maybe sort)

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