LibreOffice GSoC Week 4 Report

Some adjustments

Finally, the patch I worked on is merged thanks to my mentor(Muhammet Kara). You can easily access the patch, from here Last Week I marked this feature as an experimental feature. Hamburger button(gear button) is added. Some arrangements have been made for translation in UI elements. There was an error with iOS and Android build. But this problem is solved thanks to Tor Lillqvist and Miklos Vajna. There is a bug with Customize Dialog. [Read More]

LibreOffice GSoC Week 3 Report

Launch the UI

After a long time(work), I proudly present you the first prototype of the Additions dialog. For 3 weeks I have been dealing with both the extension manager’s code and the connection of UI components to the project. In addition, I worked for the API, which will serve as a bridge between the site where the extensions are hosted and the project. For example, I prepared a sample API response and define parameters which is essential part to call GET request. [Read More]